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Exciting new business models and captivating customer experiences are swiftly transforming the telecommunications landscape in Africa.


How we enable you to thrive in Africa's Telecoms future

The interplay between big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things (IoT) presents significant growth prospects for businesses.

One of the key impacts of the 5G network is its unparalleled connectivity potential across various industries and society. This lightning-fast broadband with highly dependable, low-latency communication enables extensive machine-type communications, superior reliability, and efficient energy usage. These factors combine to offer a wide array of opportunities, including enhanced service delivery, decision-making, and user experiences.

We are well-versed in the telecommunications industry's evolving landscape, both globally and in Africa, and we are here to assist you in:

  • Navigating the digital transformation journey
  • Optimizing your business deals
  • Navigating the regulatory framework
  • Managing cybersecurity and privacy concerns
  • Preparing for workforce transformation
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How we can add value

Telco to Techco transformation

As Telcos diversify their revenue streams and business models to transform into Techcos, they need to rethink their business architectures, workforce and reporting structures as a modular, scalable and secure system of capabilities that can support any number of business models. PwC can support your transformation from Telco to Techco to Ready-for-whatever-nextco.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Telcos need to demonstrate how they create value - for shareholders and for society - through insightful, balanced and trusted performance and disclosure.  PwC can help you create sustained outcomes that drive value and fuel growth, whilst strengthening our environment and societies. We help you drive meaningful change and achieve measurable value.

Workforce of the Future

The world of work continues to change. Keeping up with the unknown realities of tomorrow means transforming today's traditional business practices into flexible practices that can adapt with changing tides. PwC can help you adopt new ways of working and build a culture of innovation and growth. Create a future-ready workforce to lead in new ways. The future of work is here.

Customer (front office) transformation

Customer experience is critical to drive loyalty and customer retention. Telco operators need to make customer-centricity a priority, employing service solutions that are human-led and tech-powered to create seamless experiences across their expanding product portfolios. PwC can help you enable digital transformation processes to drive personalised customer experiences.


As the number of connected devices continues to grow, cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly critical issue in the telecommunications industry. Network operators need to invest in secure infrastructure and adopt measures to protect against cyber threats and fraud.


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