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Strategically leverage emerging technologies to create business value in a rapid, responsible and innovative way.


Transformation of business and industry are no longer powered by technology, they are evolving because of emerging technologies. These innovations are not just evolving individually; they're converging in transformative ways to deliver sustained outcomes and open the door to a new realm of business opportunities.

PwC can help you differentiate hype from reality – empowering you to be the disruptor rather than the disrupted. Our goal is to merge innovation with trust, offering you a competitive edge in an ever-changing technological landscape. Our human-led, tech-powered solutions can help you stay ahead.

In a world where technology advances at an unprecedented pace, we can be your trusted service provider in navigating the increasingly complex ecosystem of emerging technologies. From generative AI to quantum computing to the metaverse, we are at the forefront of the innovations helping to responsibly shape society and reinvent business models.

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How we can help

We match big ideas with deep experience to help bring companies and industries to new, human-led and tech-powered, heights.

Integrating and investing in emerging technology should be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy. We actively monitor the global technology landscape - identifying, evaluating, and experimenting with the technologies that will likely shape our collective human-led and tech-powered futures. Our dedicated technologists and industry specialists can help you create and implement a strategy that takes advantage of what we call the "Essential Eight” emerging technologies that we believe to be the most relevant and will potentially have the greatest impact in the next five years.

Technology multiplies growth and PwC works with you to demonstrate the art of the possible for emerging technologies and your business. Together, we’ll explore new technologies, trial innovative ideas, and find the potential to rethink the way you do business.

Data gives you the potential to act–not react. PwC can help you grow your business with actionable, data-driven insights. We’ll help you filter the signal from the noise and look ahead with confidence.

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Innovation doesn’t have to be game changing to change the game for your business. No matter how big or small your idea is – if it’s for your customers or employees, or if it’s for one business unit or the entire enterprise – we can help you scale it to drive tangible business outcomes. We partner with universities, startups and other deep technical experts to close the gap between what is now and what is next.

Generative AI

Generative AI will revolutionize industries and build entirely new markets and opportunities. To capitalize on the opportunities GenAI presents, businesses must prioritize a responsible approach to AI and incorporate trust by design in everything they do. We deliver GenAI outcomes, using a standards-based approach to enterprise GenAI architecture and a proven factory model for scale, speed and efficiency.

Artificial Intelligence

AI today is no longer the exclusive domain of data scientists and software engineers. Traditional knowledge workers everywhere are using it — anyone can create content using simple human text-based prompts. AI’s potential to deliver value keeps growing and many types of AI are already being used responsibly and at scale across organizations to help solve everyday challenges.


Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology that maintains data through a peer-to-peer network of computers. Although it was originally developed to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions, blockchain has expanded to other capabilities. From verifying ownership of digital assets like NFTs to tracking items in a supply chain, its versatility can drive innovation and support business transformation.

Digital assets and crypto

Crypto and other digital assets are here to stay. Developing a strategy can prepare your company not only for today, but for the future of digital assets.

Internet of Things (IoT)

From wearables and home appliances to enterprise-level devices, IoT makes systems more intelligent and enhances decision-making. IoT applications can be pivotal for innovation, enhancing operational efficiencies, improving compliance and creating sustainable, competitive advantages.

XR interfaces

Achieve new levels of valuable outcomes with your customers, communities and your employees. Understand the new risks and how to manage them. Make your advances into the metaverse a net good, with tangible commercial and societal value.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing derives its immense power by using the principles of quantum mechanics to process information. Recent advances in quantum computing’s building blocks (quantum bits or “qubits”) are making the technology increasingly relevant to business.


Web3 represents the next chapter in the evolution of the internet. New products, services and business relationships will arise from web3. Using technology such as blockchain, web3 introduces new ownership, incentives and community models. Business leaders should begin to formulate a web3 strategy and begin experimenting with the framework.

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