VAT and indirect taxes in Africa -
A Guide 2023

A digital Africa

The report shares insight about the constantly changing tax environments in Africa that can have a significant impact on business operations.



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A warm welcome to the 9th edition of the VAT and Indirect Taxes in Africa: A Guide, 2023 (previously known as PwC VAT in Africa Guide). It has been a year of digital revolution within the continent and we could not shy away from theming this edition – A digital Africa!

At PwC we have embraced the strategy of Solving Challenges Together. Our aim is to help our clients continue to remain relevant, grow and thrive amidst a changing and chaotic world. We are taking a bigger picture approach to solutions and not just pointing to one-off solutions. As PwC Africa, we are aware of the current economic turbulence on the continent and how this is a contributing driving force to the changes in tax policy.

This publication is geared towards bringing awareness to indirect tax policy developments in Africa  to enable our clients to keep abreast of the developments and adapt their business to the changing fiscal environment.

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VAT and indirect taxes in Africa guide 2023 publication

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PwC’s VAT and indirect taxes in Africa - A Guide 2023

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