E-business, the Internet, changing customer expectations, shifting business models are just a few of the major issues

How we can help

PwC has a number of products and services to help companies adapt to this new business environment, including:

  • e-Tax Transformation – to help companies determine specific tax issues relating to e-business operations;
  • e-Safe service – which assists companies in protecting and defending their digital assets; and
  • Real option valuation – which provides companies with an accurate valuation of their e-business assets.

We are the leading provider of assurance services, technical expertise and objective risk management and transaction advice in the e-business economy.

The issues driving the technology industry today are many and varied. E-business and the Internet, changing customer expectations, shifting business models and dramatically altered financial recognition processes are just a few of the major issues.

Several young technology firms are growing at breathtaking double- and triple-digit rates...

Moore's Law, Internet Time, 24/7…

Shareholder value, earnings per share, revenue recognition..

Valuation and Guidance, Benefits and Compensation Consulting and Executive Team Coaching.

It's a small world and getting smaller every day.

As traditional boundaries between entertainment, communications, media and technology continue to disappear...

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