Research paper for Medical Schemes

Member behaviour is changing due to technological advances such as the introduction of mHealth, eHealth and telemedicine together with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. In this fast-paced world where 'time is money', members increasingly expect a seamless integrated service from their medical schemes.

In addition to the host of challenges and opportunities brought about by the digital revolution, medical schemes will also need expertise to respond to the risks created by urbanisation, lifestyle diseases and environmental changes. At the same time schemes will also have to contend with regulatory changes such as demarcation regulations and National Health Insurance (NHI).

Medical schemes should afford themselves time to bring the future into focus, as social, technological, environmental, economic and socio-political trends could have far-reaching impact on their operations and sustainability. The way many medical schemes operate in the future will be significantly different to how they operate today.

With a view to helping medical schemes plan for the future, PwC interviewed a number of principal officers across the industry. In this report, we considered the likely drivers of change in the industry over the coming years and identify those drivers that will impact the industry most.

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