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The fourth edition of Gambling outlook: 2015–2019 (South Africa – Nigeria – Kenya) ,this publication focuses on segments within the gambling industry, with detailed forecasts and analysis. For each segment, we give details about the key trends we have noted as well as key challenges and future prospects we have identified.

The gambling industry is often associated with glamour, high rollers, opulent settings and the trappings of wealth. As a business, however, the margins are low, a large portion of the costs is fixed, regulatory compliance is stringent and profitability depends on volume. 

Of the three countries included in our analysis, South Africa has by far the largest overall gambling market. In South Africa, gross casino gambling revenues totalled R17.2 billion (USD1.6 billion) in 2014 compared with R497 million (USD46 million) in Nigeria and R218 million (USD20 million) in Kenya.

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