Voice of the Student Survey 2022

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the PwC Voice of the Student Survey 2022 for South Africa!

First edition


Since the onset of COVID-19, the higher education sector has experienced a myriad of digital disruptions — many of which were accelerated by the pandemic. While many institutions globally have experienced a return to campus, our research shows that the channeling of education content across digital platforms and digitally enabling the learning experience is here to stay. However, the extent of this adoption, its impact on the sector and learning outcomes is yet to fully unfold.

Student reading PwC's Voice of the student survey on her phone

The Voice of the Student survey explores the education sector’s intent on digital adoption both in its operations and the student experience. Key highlights among student and parent respondents are that:

  • Most students feel prepared for the world of work, but there is concern around the lack of practical experience and the high unemployment rate.
  • Students are concerned about the affordability of higher education.
  • Students have generally shifted away from in-classroom learning, and now prefer online or hybrid learning experiences.
  • 83% of parents say they play a big role when choosing a university for their child, with the type of degrees, facilities, affordability and university reputation being key factors.
  • 40% of students indicate that they would prefer studying at an international university, if circumstances allowed.

By adapting to the needs of the future student while at the same time holding true to sound academic pedagogy and quality learning, the sector can pave the way for increased access to higher education and address skills uncertainty to prepare students for the world of work.

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