We have been adding value to companies in the agricultural industry for more than 100 years. We assist companies in confronting the industry's biggest challenges and issues and to identify and utilise opportunities by developing effective solutions and strategies. In our view, some of the most contentious issues and opportunities in agribusiness are:

  • Expansion into Africa
  • Skills development
  • Agri-consolidation
  • Volatile markets
  • Equity and finance
  • Food Security

How can we help you

  • Assurance - our audit teams are aware of agri business' issues and understand their unique challenges.
  • Advisory - we assist with strategies to innovate, grow, reduce costs and leverage talent.
  • Tax - taxation is an ever increasing complex field for agribusiness, especially where cross border transactions are in play. Our local and Africa tax teams are uniquely equipped to assist agribusiness across the continent.