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Tax & VAT Alerts

14 Jul 2016

Withdrawal of proposed reduction in UIF remuneration threshold

Executive Directors’ Remuneration

14 Jul 2016

It gives us great pleasure to share the eighth edition of our Executive directors – Practices and remuneration trends report: South Africa with all our clients and board members.

Brexit - weathering the storm in South Africa

12 Jul 2016

In the aftermath of a raft of media commentary and expert analyses of the likely long-term implications of the Brexit referendum vote, it’s fairly clear that the level of global socio-economic and political uncertainty has been raised.

PwC Tax Synopsis

05 Jul 2016

The monthly journal provides informed commentary on current developments in the tax arena. It assists business executives to identify developments and trends in tax law and revenue practice that might impact their businesses.

Human Resource Quarterly

27 Jun 2016

A quarterly journal published by PwC South Africa, providing informed commentary on local and international developments in the Reward arena.

Retirement fund strategic matters and remuneration survey

14 Jun 2016

The PwC 2016 Retirement Fund Strategic Matters and Remuneration Survey collates the responses of 100 participants representing a total asset base of R375 billion across a wide range of funds from large to small.

Mine 2016

07 Jun 2016

Mine 2016 analysis is based on the financial performance and position of the global mining industry as represented by the Top 40 mining companies by market capitalisation.

Agribusinesses Insights Survey

31 May 2016

PwC Agribusinesses Insights Survey 2016 – This year’s publication is aimed at providing agribusinesses operating in Africa with information about the most significant industry trends, with a specific emphasis on the importance of technological innovation and its impact.

Industry 4.0

31 May 2016

Companies are getting down to business with Industry 4.0 – all over the world. PwC’s global study “Industry 4.0: Building the Digital Enterprise” demonstrates how far digital technologies will advance by 2020.

Electricity beyond the grid

30 May 2016

A look at how standalone electricity and mini-grids can increase access to electricity and what are the steps that can accelerate momentum for electrification?