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Wealth management industry lagging behind other financial services in adopting digital technology


Globally, wealth management is one of the least tech-literate sectors of the financial services industry.

CFC rules are rigid and may hinder doing business internationally


SA’s international tax laws have not kept pace with the advent of globalisation.

Opportune time for Africa oil & gas industry to consider change


The decline in the global oil price has led to a reduced level of activity in the industry.

Rural women entrepreneurs acknowledged for their exceptional business skills


Exceptional rural women entrepreneurs were awarded their graduation certificates.

Equal pay claims require objectively justifiable reasons


Organisations need to consider more equitable remuneration policies.

South Africa’s hotel and tourism sector set for steady growth as visitor numbers continue to grow: PwC Outlook


South Africa’s hotel industry is set for steady growth in the next five years.

Financial Services needs to radically rethink crime protection and prevention


Economic crime in Financial Services has increased.

Keeping older workers in jobs for longer could increase OECD GDP by $2.6 trillion


The PwC Golden Age Index is a weighted average of indicators.

More change expected in a struggling global natural gas market


Liquefied natural gas is playing a huge role in the transition to a low-carbon world.

Better disclosure is required on executive pay and variables: PwC executive pay report


Executive pay continues to come under intense scrutiny from all levels.

Tomorrow's leaders today


Tomorrow’s leaders today: what present-day CEOs can learn from those who will most likely succeed them

The US extends its leading position in PwC’s Global Top 100


Market capitalisation of the 100 largest companies declines.

Infrastructure growth to reach 5% PA by 2020


Capital projects and infrastructure spend worldwide.

PwC benchmarks Olympic medals tally


The economics of sport: PwC study seeks to benchmark Olympic medals tally