Hospitality & Leisure

Hospitality and Leisure provides strategic analysis, in-depth research and independent guidance to hotel, lodging, tourism, restaurant and cruise sectors.

Hospitality and leisure industry entities must address increasingly complex supply, demand, competition, financing and globalisation issues. The vast expertise of our skilled industry specialists enables us to assist our clients in addressing the challenges that face their industries and affect their business. 
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To remain competitive and maximise opportunities in local, regional and international environments, our clients require strategic analysis, in-depth research, and insightful, independent guidance.


The PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Hospitality and Leisure group has over 600 specialists – more than any other firm – around the world dedicated to our hospitality and leisure industry clients. We have experts in almost every market to advise clients on local conditions and regulations. This distribution of resources enables us to draw from a global network of professionals to best serve our clients.


Research foundation

All of our services are grounded in research. PricewaterhouseCoopers is the only professional services firm in the world with a team of individuals dedicated solely to hospitality and leisure industry research and who hold doctorate and other advanced degrees in economics and statistics. Our technical proficiency, industry knowledge, and unique research techniques, combined with our geographic distribution, enable us to operate at a global level advising our clients and amassing unequalled data on hospitality and leisure projects.


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