Diversity and inclusion

At PwC we value the differences that make South Africa great as a country.

Our diversity and inclusion programme embraces differences in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and age. And because of this, we are motivated to go beyond basic representation – our aim is to always exceed all official benchmarks as we build a truly representative workplace. 

The fact that people are different doesn't mean they can’t work together. At PwC we realise this, that’s why our inclusive culture makes it easy for people to feel free and express their ideas openly. 

Everything we do revolves around the creation, sharing and application of knowledge. Different people, with their unique ideas, come together to create knowledge, which is further enriched by variety – especially the cultural diversity that the firm encourages.

A transformed workplace is able to sustain itself going into the future. At PwC we understand this, that’s why we embrace multiculturalism and gender representation. Effective transformation has made us leaders in creating a more inclusive business environment where everybody feels at home. 


Our diverse and inclusive culture also benefits our clients and communities as they served by professionals with a rich mix of ideas and business acumen.

Women in business

We want to be known as a great place to work for both men and women, that’s why we are committed to attracting and retaining talented male and female professionals. The attraction, retention, advancement and empowerment of women relates to the profitability, sustainability and future growth of our organisation.

We are proud that our yearly intake of new joiners is 50% female, and are constantly working hard to also increase this percentage at senior leadership levels. This way we are guaranteed of keeping our best female employees.

The firm has put in place strategies aimed at retaining female staff, including looking at areas such as a flexible working environment, work-life balance, coaching and mentoring, creating opportunities for networking and understanding the reasons for female staffers leaving the firm and not returning.



We recognise that ensuring a gender-balanced work environment and enabling women to succeed in their careers is an issue that goes beyond PwC. To this end, our commitment to furthering our own efforts is reflected in our work with the United Nation’s HeForShe movement, a solidarity campaign for the advancement of gender equality. 

Our three key actions in support of the HeForShe movement include empowering both men and women to act as gender equality advocates through educational programmes, leveraging the global PwC Network to drive awareness among our teams, clients and communities and helping female talent reach leadership positions within the PwC Global Inclusion Index.

Through these actions, the firm aims to provide the foundation for building equal work environments for people joining the PwC Network, while acting as inspiration to other firms, our clients and communities to endeavour to participate in the HeForShe initiative and other gender equality initiatives.

Global Mobility

Ever wondered how it would be like to have the world as your professional oyster? Wonder no more. Through its Global Mobility programme, PwC is making it possible for dedicated professionals to gain international work experience. Our well-established global mobility programme offers our people exciting opportunities for personal growth through short-term and long-term international postings.

Participants in the programme gain exposure to some of the best minds from across the world. Thanks to our international perspective and the knowledge of our team, you will have the chance to engage with and learn from people across the globe. 

Importantly,the firm translates this into real value for clients by offering tailor-made solutions that draw on the best resources internationally, while offering relevant solutions, both locally and globally.


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