Frequently asked questions

This section answers some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. How do I apply?

The first step to applying is to create an online profile on our recruitment portal. Once you’ve created a login and password you will need to build your CV. This can be done by using information you input into the system manually or by pulling information from your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.

Your profile should include educational qualifications, work experience, skills and expertise, as well as your contact details. You may also be required to supply additional documentation. Once you’ve completed the application form you can submit your application.

2. Can I apply for more than one job at PwC?

Yes. There are hundreds of positions available at any one time and you are able to apply for as many as you like. But we do recommend that you think carefully about which area of the business and which roles are best suited to you. Rather be selective about the roles you apply for, as a good fit goes a long way to a strong application.

3. How do I set myself apart?

The first step is to identify what makes you exceptional and use your application and interview to help the recruitment team to see your strengths.

Prepare a flawless CV. Make sure it contains all the essential information our recruitment team needs and that there aren’t any spelling or grammatical errors. Keep it short, no more than two pages.

First impressions count, especially at an interview, event or career fair. So prepare for that first interaction. Do your research, brainstorm questions and dress well. It’s also important to present a confident, positive and enthusiastic attitude.

4. What assessment tools do you use?

When we assess candidates we use a variety of tools to determine their suitability for the role and their capabilities. The assessment tools we use are largely informed by the role you’re applying for. These assessment tools may include personality questionnaires, ability tests and case study assignments. The recruitment team you’re dealing with will provide more information on the assessments you’ll need to complete.

5. How soon can I expect to be chosen for a global mobility assignment?

Opportunities to gain experience on a two-year secondment are usually reserved for senior associates or higher. You need to be fully qualified in your respective field prior to applying for a long-term assignment. You may, however, be asked to travel on a short-term basis for a specific client project. Global opportunities are based on business needs, and other PwC firms will consider your performance, soft skills and expertise. The global mobility team will assist you in preparing for a potential overseas posting.

6. Why must I complete an online CV?

Registering on our recruitment portal ensures that our recruitment team is able to assess each applicant fairly using standardized information from each person, while also ensuring all applicants meet the minimum requirements. The system also allows you to create a ‘search agent’ that notifies you when a new position becomes available that you may be interested in.

7. Do I need a cover letter?

No you don’t need to submit a cover letter as with traditional application processes.

8. What does PwC look for in an applicant?

We look for people who have the skills and expertise to deliver on our business strategy. This goes beyond academic excellence and includes leadership qualities, business acumen and the ability to build good and sustainable working relationships. Read more about the skills we look for here.

9. Will I be required to travel to clients?

Whatever area of PwC you join, travel to our clients’ offices is likely to be needed. Because we are a client-service business you may be required to work at the client’s site or you may need to attend client meetings. You may also be required to travel locally and internationally for work. To be successful in any of our roles, you need to be comfortable with travelling and changing environments.

10. What should I prepare for the interview?

Preparing for an interview is of critical importance. We encourage you to do your research on your role and the firm prior to the interview so you can emphasise why you are perfect for the role. We also encourage applicants to work through and prepare for any possible questions they may be asked. Plus prepare some questions of your own to ask. Remember the interview is an opportunity for you to find out if PwC would be a good fit for you.

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