Actuarial, risk and quants (ARQ)

Welcome to PwC and our strategy, The New Equation! We believe in bringing together diverse groups of people and using technology to solve complex problems. Our strategy focuses on uniting as a community to tackle challenges and make a positive impact on society, both in Africa and around the world.

One key aspect of our strategy is our multidisciplinary model, which allows us to provide clients with trustworthy solutions and lasting results by combining expertise from different fields. By looking at issues from various angles, we can deliver high-quality outcomes for our clients, stakeholders and communities.

If you join our Actuarial, Risk and Quants (ARQ) team, you’ll be part of a global group at PwC that offers actuarial and financial consulting services to a wide range of clients. Working with us means being part of a supportive and dynamic environment where you’ll collaborate with experts from around the world. You’ll have the opportunity to work on diverse projects in industries like insurance, banking and analytics, gaining valuable experience and mentorship along the way.

Woman working on a actuarial risk quants proposal.

Actuarial risk quants team at PwC

Join us at PwC and be a part of a team that is making a difference in the world through innovative solutions and collaboration.

Are you a full-time South African student in your final year studying actuarial science at a recognised university? If so, you could be eligible for an opportunity at PwC.

PwC has a global leadership programme called the PwC Professional. This programme highlights the skills and qualities we value in all our team members, from junior associates to senior partners. These qualities are essential for us to succeed as leaders guided by purpose and strong values.

PwC Actuarial, Risk and Quants Graduate Programme 2025

Applications for the 2025 ARQ Graduate Programme have now closed

Quotes from the Associates in ARQ

"An energetic team that can solve any problem"

"Incredible team, bringing great and complex ideas to life"

"A dynamic team that finds efficient solutions to big problems"

"A dynamic and interest work enviroment where you can feel yourself grow on a day-to-day basis"

"A space filled with incredible people and interesting work that brings a new challenge every day and an opportunity to learn along with it"

"A dynamic team, incredible team culture and countless learning opportunities"

"Best office, best people and best coffee. A great place to work with and learn from the best in the field"

"An amazing team, filled with more amazing people"

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