Tax Administration online short course

R5 175.00  (including VAT at 15%)

Tax administration impacts both individuals and business entities. This interactive online short course can be accessed on all devices and provides a comprehensive understanding of tax administration in South Africa. This course is presented by our PwC Tax experts using interactive activities, real-life practical examples and a wealth of additional resources. It consists of four modules and assessments, and can be completed in a duration of 8 – 10 weeks.

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About this course

Tax administration impacts both individuals and business entities, and the Tax Administration Act is applicable to all Tax Acts administered by the Commissioner of SARS. It establishes the powers and obligations of SARS on the one hand, and the rights and obligations of taxpayers on the other. This online short course aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of tax administration in South Africa.

Course description

The online short course consists of four modules and assessments. Key concepts are unpacked using interactive activities and a wealth of additional resources are provided. You’ll have access to the knowledge of experienced PwC experts in this field, with the benefit of real-life practical examples.


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Key features

  • Unique tax insight into real-life scenarios
  • Practical examples and solutions
  • Practical videos by PwC tax experts
  • Utilisation of the latest technology
  • Digitally interactive
  • Fully responsive content available on all devices

Four modules

Module 1

Overview of the Tax Administration Act and its application in South Africa.

Module 2

SARS’s information-gathering powers, SARS assessments and SARS’ ability to levy interest and penalties.

Module 3

SARS’s advance rulings and the SARS dispute resolution process.

Module 4

Tax liability and payment of tax.

Each module includes:

  • Legislation                   
  • SARS guidance
  • Information notes       
  • Additional reading material
  • Advice from PwC experts
  • Assessment
Tax administration online short course

Meet your tax administration journey companions

You’ll not go through your tax administration journey alone. Throughout every module you’ll be joined by an individual who, like you, would like to become more knowledgeable on tax administration in South Africa.

Tax Guru

The Tax Guru uses her knowledge about the Tax Administration Act to assist you on your journey.


 Steven is a business owner who’s always looking for ways to upskill himself. He recently decided to start educating himself about the South African Tax Administration Act in the hope of being more knowledgeable about his business’s tax requirements.


Allison is a young entrepreneur who recently opened her own business. To ensure the longevity and success of her business, Allison knows that it’s important to be well informed regarding every aspect of her business, which includes knowing how to manage tax efficiently and to avoid risk.



 Mark is an established accountant who’s worked for the same company for the last five years. Mark has recently decided to further his education and by doing so expand his career options. A colleague recommended that he starts by increasing his knowledge about the Tax Administration Act. Mark agrees and decides to start by learning more about how the Act gives SARS the power to request information from taxpayers.



Mamello is a professional tax practitioner who knows the importance of always continuing to improve her skills. She wants to specifically increase her knowledge of tax administration in order to improve her skills as a tax practitioner and add value to her clients.

8 – 10 weeks online.

The course is delivered through PwC’s online learning platform.

You’re not required to write any exams. Assessment is done online per module that you have completed. You’ll receive a PwC certificate of competence for having successfully completed the course. In addition, you’ll qualify for 18.5 verifiable CPD hours.

R5 175 (including VAT at 15%)

This course is for you if:

  • you want to develop a skill set in tax administration that will help you understand SARS’s powers and obligations and taxpayers’ rights, remedies and obligations in relation thereto;
  • you’re a business owner wanting to manage tax efficiently and avoid risk;
  • you’re a consultant who wants to increase your knowledge of tax administration in order to add value to your current role;
  • you’re studying and need the practical skills and examples offered by this course to support your degree; and/or
  • you want a transferable skill set offered by PwC to advance your career and make yourself more marketable.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course, and no prior knowledge of tax is needed. In order to complete this course you will need to:

  • have a current email account;
  • have access to a computer, tablet or cell phone as well as the internet; and
  • read and write in the English language.


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