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Our area of experties include

Once thought of primarily in terms of cost, people are now being valued as rich sources of talent, skill and diversity, which are critical for success. The sophistication of the South African financial system, combined with growth in the environment, however has put significant strain on banks to recruit and retain the best talent

PwC can assist you in the management of this critical asset by assisting you with:
  • Definition and implementation of a HR strategy Saratoga - measurement, benchmarking and the strategic application of human capital information.
  • Employment services – employment taxes, reward design and termination arrangements.
  • Talent management – finding it, winning it and keeping it
  • In-house training through our corporate university
  • International assignment and mobility solutions

Scrutiny of executive pay is now greater than ever as a result of the economic downturn combined with public anger over the role played by excessive levels of remuneration in the collapse of the global financial markets. Globally, there is an increased focus on the need for robust governance processes around executive remuneration coupled with the requirement for transparency. King III also echoes the need for greater governance pertaining to executive remuneration. Our executive reward specialists at PwC offer a wealth of experience in this area and work closely with clients to offer practical, multi-disciplined approaches to the complex challenges faced by businesses today.

Our services include:

  • Assess the remuneration policy against the King III principles and assist with the development of a policy that is fully compliant
  • Assist with the preparation of an annual remuneration report
  • Advise on executive remuneration – base pay, benefits, annual bonuses and long-term incentives
  • Advise on non-executive fees
  • Devise performance targets and measures for annual bonuses
  • Design and implement short-term and long term incentive arrangements (including drafting the relevant documentation, providing tax and accounting opinions and assistance with investor relations)
  • Advise on benchmarking and best practices
  • Provide training to remuneration committee members and advise them on trends and risks in the remuneration field

The future of financial services globally will not be like the past. A new financial order requires different talents and leadership. It also requires a shift in culture, rewards and career progression that will embed these changes within the organisation. Our financial services human resources team works closely with clients to ensure that key aspect of talent management, including recruitment, retention and reward, reflect and support the overall strategy of the business.

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Johannes Grosskopf

Africa Chief Operating Officer, PwC South Africa

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