ESG Perspective 2023

Africa Business Agenda

How 282 sub-Saharan African CEOs are feeling about climate change and social risks, and leveraging opportunities to drive ESG sustainably.


Purpose-driven companies leverage ESG strategies to create value and build trust

Amidst heightened scrutiny, ‘business as usual’ is no longer sufficient and companies have never been subject to as much scrutiny from society as they are now. In the context of global climate and societal challenges, businesses need to demonstrate their ability to create value, build trust and contribute to solving important problems.

A crucial way organisations can do this is through their commitment to addressing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters. In our newly released Africa Business Agenda: ESG Perspective 2023 publication, we reflect on how African companies are focusing on and implementing ESG strategies.

A group of people standing next to water and buildings at night

Key insights in the report include: 

  • Collaboration and trust will help us tackle societal and climate challenges,  
  • Governments cannot — on their own — address all of these challenges,

  • Action on climate risk is urgent,


  • A holistic, operational ESG approach drives value for business and society and 
  • Data delivers insight informing emissions-reducing strategies.

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