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While excitement and budgets are rising for cutting-edge security programmes, progress on actually improving security is sluggish, even stagnant. PwC’s 2024 Global Digital Trust Insights survey of 3,876 business and tech executives at the largest global companies — 30% of respondents have revenues of $10 billion or more — shows considerable room for improvement in cybersecurity.

Globally and locally, organisations seem to agree that they should prioritise  digital and technology risks for mitigation. However South Africa and Africa seem to be a lot more concerned about prioritising inflation for mitigation than the rest of the world.

Consider these findings. Breach costs and the number of high-dollar breaches continue to increase. Although cloud attacks are the top cyber concern, about one-third of organisations have no risk management plan to address cloud service provider challenges. Only half are ‘very satisfied’ with their technology capabilities in key cybersecurity areas. More than 30% of companies don’t consistently follow what should be standard practices of cyber defence.

Overview of the survey

The digital trust insights survey is conducted globally and locally on a yearly basis to get the views of senior executives on the challenges and the opportunities to improve and transform cybersecurity within their organisation in the next 12-18 months. The statistics of the respondents and their demographics are indicated below:

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PwC's Global Digital Trust Insights 2024

In its 26th year, the longest-running and largest cybersecurity survey of its kind is back with insights on new challenges, budgeting, regulatory developments and more.

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