Africa Entertainment and Media Outlook 2023 - 2027

Five-year projections of consumer and advertiser spending data across entertainment and media segments for South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria.

Resetting expectations, refocusing inward and recharging growth

In the midst of continued change and disruption, entertainment and media (E&M) industry players on the African continent need to reset expectations, refocus their strategies and seek ways to recharge their growth.

Our 12th annual Africa Entertainment & Media Outlook offers an in-depth look at the latest trends, key perspectives and insights into the African E&M market - covering ten E&M segments across South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya over the next five years.


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Key report findings

Consumers in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria reevaluated their discretionary spending on E&M products as a result of the sharp cost-of-living rises. Despite this, it is anticipated that all market sectors would have robust growth, with all markets outperforming Covid 2019 revenue levels.

Despite continued change and disruption, the industry reassessed its strategies, refocused on core operations and revised some key assumptions. Growth in South Africa’s E&M market stabilised in 2022, however this growth is still expected to outpace the global average. Nigeria is expected to experience the strongest growth in E&M revenue, with revenue expected to more than double from 2022 to 2027. Whilst newspapers, consumer magazines and books are forecast to continue to decline in South Africa and Nigeria, Kenya is forecast to achieve growth across all segments.

“International and domestic players alike are investing in local content and services to attract audiences and keep them engaged in an increasingly crowded landscape. The entertainment and media industry has always been a creative endeavour. In the coming years, armed with powerful technology, E&M leaders will have to be more creative about how they create, distribute and monetise products and services to achieve sustained growth.”

Alinah Motaung, PwC Africa Entertainment and Media Leader

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