PwC valuation methodology survey 8th edition

Contributing to the development of valuation practice in the wider African market

Lack of financial information remains one of the key challenges of doing deals in Africa, with the inability to agree on value reported as the leading cause of deal failure


PwC's biennial Valuation Methodology Survey focuses on technical valuation issues and seeks data from practitioners that is intended to provide investors with a starting point for investment analysis in African markets.

Deal-making in emerging markets presents its challenges. Understanding the pitfalls underlying deal failure and the drivers of deal success enables us to provide sound advice to our clients throughout the deal-making process.

In addition to the technical issues normally surveyed, we have in the 2016/2017 publication asked respondents about their experience in doing deals in Africa. 


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Closing the value gap

Deal-making in emerging markets presents its challenges, not least of which is getting to the right valuations.

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