Enterprise asset management

Assets are expensive to acquire, create operate, protect and maintain.  Assets are at the heart of the success of asset intensive organisations.  Asset management practices which respond quickly to volatile markets, increasingly scarce resources and  technological change will deliver success and ensure survival.  Increased uptime, output and asset reliability are non-negotiables today.  This means effective asset planning, scheduling, maintenance, operation, performance monitoring, acquisition & disposal, funding of assets and accounting for and disclosing of assets.

Issues you may be facing

  • You are experiencing an increase in the number of unplanned outages, asset down time and general asset reliability.
  • You have a number of underperforming and aging assets.
  • You are experiencing scheduling issues, growing maintenance costs, risk and safety concerns and environmental issues.
  • You are experiencing high operating costs and strained cash flows.
  • You have a challenge in complying with new acts, standards, guidelines and regulations that impact on the management of assets.
  • You have unreliable data with regard to your asset portfolio.
  • You need to implement a complete enterprise asset management framework and maximising returns.
  • You lack the technology and skill to implement legislative requirements.
  • You need a fully ISO 9001 compliant asset management solution.
  • You have challenges in verifying physical existence and condition of assets.
  • You need to unbundle immoveable assets and ensure compliance with accounting standards.

How we can help you

Our enterprise asset management specialists advise on, and work with you to develop and implement an integrated asset management strategy - optimising assets throughout the entire asset life-cycle, from procurement to verification, valuation, maintenance, decommissioning or replacement.

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