Strategic enterprise transformation

Difficult economic conditions have left many organisations vulnerable in the face of continued economic uncertainty and fierce global competition. CEOs are faced with the dual challenge of pursuing growth whilst maintaining profitability. Uncertainty and complexity are challenging current strategies and operating models. The vast majority of CEOs are changing their organisation’s strategy, and one third of them describe the change as fundamental. Two thirds of organisations say they fail to achieve the necessary change impact due to the lack of alignment throughout the business.

Issues you may be facing

  • The global economic downturn is forcing you to look at new strategies.
  • Your costs are growing faster than revenues.
  • Your company is under-performing compared to its competitors.
  • You are losing market share to either traditional or new competitors.
  • Your innovation strategy does not link to your growth objectives.
  • Your organisation’s share price is declining or flat, or you are unable to deliver on your mandate.
  • You want to improve the total customer experience and monitor drivers of customer satisfaction, retention or experience.
  • Recent products have failed to deliver expected margin improvements.
  • Your business can't keep pace with the rise in mobile devices, social media and changing customer demands.
  • You want to understand your exposure in relation to different markets, customers, partners and suppliers, and be confident that you have the right investment portfolio in place.
  • You want independent, objective evaluation and validation of your management strategy, including whether you have the right mix of businesses and the organisational machinery to deliver.
  • You are contemplating or recently completed a merger or acquisition.

How we can help you

  • We work with you to set clear objectives and design principles and develop distinct business models supported by best fit operating models.
  • Our specialists work with you to empower you to make the right choices and translate your ideas into tangible action-implementing strategies that work.
  • We help transform the way your business operates by changing the way it behaves, both as an organisation and as individuals.
  • We can assist you with innovative future operating models that deliver on strategic goals.
  • At the heart of our approach is the alignment of stakeholders to a clear future model, creating a compelling case for change and a defined transition plan that is executable.
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