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Systems and process assurance

In today’s business world, IT and financial reporting environments are becoming increasingly complex, while even greater reliance is being placed on the information produced by these systems and processes. In addition, new regulations in many countries have put a greater emphasis on internal controls and often require independent assurance of the effectiveness of internal controls.

Attention to the design, documentation and operation of controls is critical to ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of information used for financial reporting and management decision-making.

Issues you may be facing

  • Your IT risk and controls do not keep up with the complex and fast changing technological landscape.
  • You are not confident that your ERP project will achieve the regulatory control and overall business objectives.
  • You have not automated your manual procedures, calculations and controls for the benefit of the business performance.
  • Your management information reporting is not effectively supported by the ERP system.
  • You have not recently assessed system security, access to sensitive data and segregation of duties.
  • You are entering into a joint venture or other transaction and need due diligence on systems and controls.
  • You need confidence in the quality of the information produced by your IT systems.
  • You need assistance in documenting or testing your internal controls over financial reporting.
  • You need an independent review of your control structure, including identification of weaknesses and possible design enhancements.
  • You rely on financial information from a third party and need independent assurance on that information.
  • Your organisation provides services to a company and you've been asked to provide an ISAE 3402 report.
  • You are implementing or have just implemented a new IT system and want a review of the controls.

How we can help you

We provide services related to controls around the financial reporting process, including financial business process and IT management controls, as well as operational and compliance controls.

Serving both audit and non-audit clients, we provide:

  • Financial and operational applications/business process controls reviews.
  • Database security controls reviews.
  • IT general controls reviews.
  • Infrastructure security reviews.
  • Third party assurance and opinion services.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley readiness, process improvement and sustainability services.
  • Due diligence on systems and controls.
  • Pre- and post-implementation systems reviews.
  • Project assurance services.
  • Computer Assisted Auditing Techniques (CAATs)
  • Data quality reviews
  • Data migration reviews
  • Spreadsheet assurance
  • Computer security reviews.


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