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Companies are dealing with uncertainty and change in ways that haven’t been experienced for many years, creating challenges for everything from the supply chain to the workforce and beyond.

Stakeholder and investor expectations of business have also changed, with companies being pressed to step up and play their part in tackling environmental and social issues, while the regulatory environment continues to rapidly evolve in response.

Corporate reporting has an increasingly important role to play in this challenging environment. We monitor the latest corporate reporting developments, offer insights into current and emerging practices, and share practical guides to help you with your reporting. Our team plays a key role in advising various organisations and listed companies. We span across several industries, including financial services, telecommunications, retail and consumer, insurance, and energy and mining. We provide technical consultations and help embed International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Accounting Standards and IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards into their businesses.

We provide a global learning framework tailored for local markets. Our training is recognised for verifiable continuing professional development by the relevant professional institutions. We offer two IFRS Accounting Standards updates annually: our IFRS Winter Update in May/June and our IFRS Summer Update in November. We will soon be expanding our curriculum to include sustainability reporting topics. Our presenters have experience on the practical application of IFRS Accounting Standards and IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards and the key issues which many local and international companies are facing.

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“With quality corporate reporting being in the spotlight, we have pivoted our skillset to respond to the increasing informational needs of our clients’ stakeholders. International as well as local investors are calling for transparent, reliable and comparable reporting by companies on climate and other environmental, social and governance matters both in their financial statements and in their broader reporting suite. A company that tells a balanced story in its corporate reporting will be set apart from its peers and will build trust with its stakeholders.”

Renitha Dwarika | PwC Africa Reporting Leader and PwC South Market Area CRS Leader

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Renitha Dwarika

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Brenda Knoesen

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