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Navigating today’s accounting and financial reporting challenges

In today’s volatile capital markets, there is increasing complexity in accounting and financial reporting. Proactive anticipation and resolution of issues under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS, formerly IAS), coupled with an understanding of the impact of income tax, financial markets, valuation, corporate governance, rating agency and regulatory concerns, preserve the value of transactions.

At PwC, our accounting advisory professionals provide clients with deep technical knowledge and solutions for, amongst others:

  • BEE deals
  • Capex and intangible asset assessments
  • compensation arrangements
  • consolidation assessments
  • derivatives and hedging
  • fair value assessments
  • financial statement preparation and presentation, including ongoing filings
  • lease financing
  • M&A
  • revenue recognition
  • securitisations
  • IFRS implementation/GAAP conversions

PwC's unique service offering to our clients in this area is that we function as a one-stop shop, bringing accounting, valuation and tax expertise to the table in one go. Our specialists work closely together on many of our clients, pulling together as a team in order to find the right solutions. We bring in clarity and simplicity, regardless of whether it is straightforward or complex issues that need resolving.

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