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PwC makes security our business, so you can focus on yours.

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The future of cyber will require a more diverse set of skills and talent: psychologists, behaviouralists and data analysts.

To beat a thief, you have to think like a thief – understand people, behaviour and dynamics as much as systems (curious people, not clever people). The ability to turn data into insights is critical to any successful cyber approach. PwC makes security our business, so you can focus on yours.

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Cyber-intelligent businesses

When an organisation crafts its cyber environments so as to create the optimal market access for its business, enabling it to become customer centric, agile and innovative, whilst leveraging its digital and non-digital assets across all platforms, including microservices, SACAD and the web.

In the last two decades, the technology revolution has changed the way we all go about our business.

While offering opportunities for innovation and productivity, the cyber era also presents new risks and challenges. From governments and their citizens to businesses and their employees and customers, we are all connected and affected by cyber risks. The cyber supply chain has removed the traditional security perimeter as enterprises adopt cloud, mobile and social technologies and invest in third-party business relationships.

There’s no such thing as perfect security. An agile and commercially pragmatic approach is essential for the growth and innovation required to thrive in the new world we find ourselves in. The cyber ecosystem is complex and moves fast. While it’s necessary to invest in protection, incidents will occur. Rapid response is key to minimising brand damage and financial loss. Protection, detection and response are interdependent. Leading practice requires a cohesive relationship between technology risk, information security, forensics and operational teams.

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Safe and secure cyber-centered businesses

When an organisation crafts an environment in which it can operate and transact safely within the cyber world.

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Cyber insights and intelligence

When an organisation crafts the best insights and intelligence to tackle cyber in the most cost-effective and safest manner. 



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Cyber response-ready organisation

When an organisation crafts risk responses into its business practices so as to be risk and response ready to the appropriate level of their cyber business maturity and risk.


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Cyber-driven value extraction

When an organisation crafts the maximum value out of cyber platforms at the lowest cost.

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