Business restructuring services

We work alongside businesses to negotiate great outcomes at speed, finding the optimal solution to financial and operational challenges by reducing risk and protecting value where time and cash are tight.

Whether a company has gone from thriving to surviving an imminent crisis, or is just looking to ‘fix the roof while the sun is shining’, we can support management teams to:

  • reduce balance sheet stress,
  • generate cash and reduce costs,
  • increase profitability,
  • refinance and find the best source of capital to support business objectives; and
  • reduce long-term pensions and other liability costs.

Whatever the solution, we pre-empt and manage road blocks until the job is done.

Our Services:

  • Improving your working capital
  • Raising and refinancing debt
  • Reducing costs rapidly
  • Assessing business viability
  • Leading the restructuring
  • Insolvency
  • Rationalising your corporate structure



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Supporting decision-makers in times of stress or underperformance

There are many reasons why a business may find itself facing financial difficulties and needing to rapidly improve performance. Triggers for underperformance can include:

  • declining earnings,
  • liquidity and cash flow concerns,
  • disruption, and
  • stakeholder pressure.

But a downward financial spiral is not inevitable. Early detection and decisive action are key to restoring and improving performance and value.


While there are many finance levers available that can give you time to improve your position, knowing which one to pull and when requires experience and insight.

Our services include:

  • financial analysis
  • cash flow strategy and execution
  • refinance with alternative capital
  • working capital management
  • investor, shareholder and lender management.

Manage stakeholders in times of financial pressure

When faced with a financially distressed business, navigating the new world of compliance and keeping your investors, shareholders and lenders informed can be a daunting prospect.

We work with banks, investors, boards, management teams, shareholders, suppliers, customers, regulators and government agencies - as well as employees - to help navigate this new terrain one step at a time.

When a business faces disruption - through regulatory change, a change in leadership, natural disaster or a fall in share market price - there will likely be financial implications.

We can help you understand the implications and how to respond.

Our services include:

  • risk assessment and response options
  • restructuring, regeneration or turnaround strategies and execution
  • financial planning and forecasting
  • cost reduction
  • cash generation
  • change, stakeholder and project management.

We can also draw on our qualified external network of interim management specialists to fill any gaps you may have.

There are a number of moving parts to be managed when closing or exiting a part of your business or the entire brand. Your employees, customers, shareholders, investors and potential buyers will all need relevant and specific information to help make informed decisions.

We work with corporates, banks and other financial stakeholders to find the best option for managing risk and protecting businesses and brands.

Our services include:

  • exit option assessment - including divestment, closure, downsizing and hybrid reorganisation
  • options modelling
  • organisational structure simplification
  • defence against an adverse value assessment
  • voluntary administration
  • insolvency and other exit strategies.

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