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It's our ambition to make deal making game changing and industry defining.

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We help our clients execute successful deals and realise embedded value through structured mergers, acquisitions, disposals, carve outs and restructurings. PwC offers you a single source of deal service solutions throughout the deal cycle.

Our clients' deal needs are changing, and we continue to evolve through innovation to ensure we fulfil their needs through value focused and outcome driven solutions. 

Additionally, shareholders are becoming increasingly demanding in these uncertain economic times, so maximising the value that can be captured from deals is crucial.

Doing deals is risky. Study after study shows that most mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve their desired results.  Yet, failure to capture deal value is rarely attributed to a flawed strategy. Rather, failure is most often a result of not executing the strategy in a timely and structured fashion. 

We offer a unique set of relevant and insightful capabilities through the full deal lifecycle from strategy, into deal excecution and through to helping  clients realise their deal value.

In order to create and capture value in the deal cycle, our specialist Deals Advisory teams work together with our Consulting and Tax teams to provide a seamless experience to our clients, creating and realising embedded value.

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How we can help you

Value identification (deal origination)

Buying or selling businesses, raising capital and driving funding efficiencies are everyday challenges for our clients, and we support our clients with these on a daily basis. We uncover value, implement strategies and deliver solutions, covering the end-to-end deal cycle.

We provide Corporate Finance advisory services to a wide range of clients; from larger corporates to smaller privately owned businesses, from private equity houses to government bodies. Our deep sector knowledge and cross border relationships  play a key role in the successful delivery of our work.

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Deal execution and value optimisation (optimising deals)

Study after study highlights and confirm the complexity involved in implementing M&A transactions. 

The large majority of deals fail to achieve their original financial or strategic objectives, with many companies being ill-prepared for the speed and intensity of the deal process. Transactions more often fail as a result of poor execution, rather than a flawed deal rationale or strategy.

This challenging deal landscape makes the experience and expertise PwC can offer through every stage of the deal cycle all the more relevant.

We are able to assist from deal origination all the way through to post deal implementation, helping to realise the envisaged value from early on in the deal process.

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Value realisation (post deal)

In a challenging deal environment, hardwiring a value realisation mindset into the heart of all M&A and divestiture activities is critical to deliver competitive advantage and transformative transactions.

Average returns on acquisition value often reduce, the further away from the deal announcement date. With technology disruption and industry divergence, it’s no longer just the size of the merger or acquisition that defines its success. It’s also about how you deliver maximum value even after the deal has been signed.

We help our clients take a more strategic approach to decision making that drives value outcomes quicker and are the only advisors to deploy a complete range of value creation advice across the entire M&A lifecycle. We focus on finding and capturing value to ensure maximum shareholder return is delivered.

Our aim is to balance risk and value creation from deal origination all the way through to post-deal implementation.

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