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The primary aim of our Delivering Deal Value service offering is to provide advice and support on the operational issues arising on Merger and Acquisition (“M&A”) transactions (acquisitions, disposals and carve-outs) and legal restructurings.

Doing deals is challenging and in today’s tough economic environment both locally and globally, achieving envisaged value and providing returns that meets shareholder expectations only adds to the complexity.

The most experienced deal makers say they know what to do, but success remains hard to come by and despite the best of intentions, M&A transactions too often fall short of meeting expectations.

We support our clients in the pre-transaction phase (with identifying potential integration issues or identifying potential synergy opportunities) as well as in the post-transaction phase (with developing and project managing the implementation plans and mitigating integration issues).

We help our clients identify, quantify and deliver deal value, with greater speed, insight and confidence. Our combination of industry experience and deal expertise means that we know what to look for, how risks and issues can be addressed and how value creation opportunities can be realised.

Our approach is based on PwC’s global best practise methodology, rooted in our practical experience and supported by deep subject matter specialism across our firm. 


Issues you may be facing

  • You have acquired or disposed of a business but are not sure what needs to be done in order to implement the transaction successfully by the effective date. You need to balance risk mitigation and value creation but are not sure where to start.
  • You do not have a clearly defined integration / separation strategy that supports the objectives of your investment case.
  • You do not have a value creation plan that ensures that synergies identified during the pre-deal phase are brought to book and that value levers are identified and quantified.
  • You are unsure about the impact the transaction will have on your business and how to avoid risks / common pitfalls (i.e. culture and change management, legal impediments such as change of ownership and the transferability of contracts and licenses; technical accounting and tax considerations; labour law compliance; ringfencing and migration of data; defining a target operating model; impact on BBBEE; etc).
  • You need capacity and experience. Your management team has not necessarily done this before and managing and driving the implementation of your M&A transaction is taking a lot of their time and is interfering with business as usual.
  • Aligned to the findings from global surveys, your recent M&A transaction has failed to realise value envisaged during the pre-deal phase. How do you get your implementation process back on track and reinvigorate the energy and focus into your process.
  • You want to understand the available options and / or implications of restructuring your business across various functions (finance and tax, human resources, technology, operations, legal regulatory and compliance).
  • Preparing carved-out financials are complex and you need help with preparing these for a business unit which you are planning to dispose.


How we can help you

Merger and acquisition integration

Our approach to merger and acquisition integration balances risk mitigation and value creation and includes an expansive set of processes, tools and templates to support the overall integration process. Click here for more information.

Divestiture services

Our services and team of carve-out specialists are geared to making sure our clients’ separation processes are as smooth and value-enhancing as possible. We understand the practicalities, challenges and potential risks of both the technical preparation of carved-out financial statements as well as the operational implementation. Click here for more information.

Value creation

Our conversations with corporate, private equity and industry executives show that companies that genuinely prioritise value creation early on - rather than assume it will happen as a natural consequence of the actions they take as the transaction proceeds - have a better track record of maximising value in a deal. Click here for more information.


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