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As organisations deal with a fast-transforming business environment, they’re looking to deals to find the right talented people, technology and ideas to drive innovation and power-up growth. Deals can be a complex process; failure to secure talent or appropriately integrate it can vastly diminish deal value. The people aspects of a deal can often be swept to the side, but it is through people, on all sides of the transaction, that success or failure is often attributed.


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Issues you may be facing

  • Do you understand the costs and risk of the human capital involved in your acquisition?
  • Are you clear how human capital issues could impact the price of your deal? 
  • Have you considered the culture and values of all parties and how these will integrate?
  • Are you clear on how to create an engaged and productive workforce through the distractions of the transaction? 
  • Are you appropriately planning and engaging with your workforce to help ready them for the upcoming change?
  • Have you identified all the strategic and operational HR decisions that will be required?


How we can help you

HR due diligence

We help you identify HR issues that affect price. We work to establish and understand critical HR and workforce issues early in the transaction, identify their relevance and ensure appropriate protections are built into documentation. We focus on the quality of earnings (income statement) and quality of assets (balance sheet) adjustments, which impact the financial proposition underlying the transaction and ensure appropriate protections are built into transaction documentation. We can also provide early insight into culture and other challenges that may pose a threat to realising value.


HR pre-close services

We make sure you’ve got the right people and they’re focused on the right things. We work to identify key strategic HR decisions required, based on the nature of the transaction, including leveraging HR due diligence to create a comprehensive project plan that we will manage and execute for each HR functional area and for cross-functional HR activities. We help you to define your leadership team and organisation structure and assess culture and change impact. We work closely with you to identify what needs to change and develop a clear vision and plan that enables your people to execute and embrace lasting transformation. And we tie financial implications back to the investment model developed in due diligence and manage the budget.


HR post close services

We focus on organisational values to reflect your purpose, mission, and vision. We work to deliver a targeted HR solution to ensure a smooth Day One and achieve deal goals. We support you across the harmonised HR strategy and organisational structure, HR technology, processes and infrastructure, policy, design/harmonisation, workforce onboarding, culture-led transformation, stakeholder engagement, and communications workstreams.


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