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Culture is the self-sustaining patterns of behaviours and mindsets that determine how work gets done. Many business leaders understand that culture plays an important role in business performance, but most struggle to align culture with strategy and fully harness this power. We help clients work with and within their existing cultures to drive long-term performance. Our emphasis on a critical few behaviours over mindsets is what differentiates our approach.

Our culture specialists support businesses in their culture evolution efforts, by targeting the specific behavioural changes that have the potential to drive desired business outcomes. This means aligning strategy, operating model and culture – and identifying key gaps. 


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Issues you may be facing

  • Are you trying to make a major strategic shift that needs the benefit of cultural energy to accelerate and sustain results? 
  • Is your organisation’s culture at risk of undermining your business performance? 
  • Does your current culture create behavioural risk or compliance issues?
  • Are you undergoing a change in strategy or driving a cultural change and need assistance in bringing your employees along on the journey?
  • Is your organisation going through a transaction where you’ll be merging two different cultures?


How we can help you

Cultural diagnosis

We help you to assess your existing culture in concrete, specific and objective terms, either through interviews with senior leaders, surveys or focus groups. We identify and analyse the cultural traits, including strengths and potential challenges that most impact your business.


Focus on the Critical Few

We help you to evolve your culture to drive performance by focusing on embedding the critical few behaviours and through deploying your authentic informal leaders.

Integrate the formal and informal

We help you to integrate formal and informal enabling mechanisms. Using informal approaches to build emotional commitment and pride (e.g. networks, peer interactions, exemplary motivational leaders) in doing things differently, and deploying formal mechanisms to reinforce and sustain the desired 'critical few' behaviour changes.


Measure behavioural change

We help you determine measurement objectives and design criteria. We understand the importance of defining the right measurement approach for your business and how to design tools and reporting rhythms that help you track progress.


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