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The motivation and retention of executives and the wider workforce to implement corporate strategy is vital to an organisation's success. As such, reward structures and incentive plans are constantly evolving to ensure that business strategy is translated into pay outcomes. Organisations are finding their approaches to reward and benefits - and the behaviours they drive - under the microscope from shareholders, regulators, the media and prospective recruits. 

Understanding the impact of these evolving forces on the competitiveness of reward is increasingly difficult. Having the right structures in place can enable you to attract the right talent, and motivate them to achieve your business strategy in a way that maximises value creation for the shareholder, and other stakeholders too. 

With our team of specialists, we aim to help companies build a credible remuneration policy to achieve these objectives. We have considerable experience in balancing an appropriate remuneration policy for the company with shareholder considerations and the intricate governance considerations in this area.


Two PwC professionals looking at a tablet
Two PwC professionals holding a tablet.

Issues you may be facing

  • Is the way you reward your senior executive team facing scrutiny? 
  • Are your remuneration structures helping you to achieve fair and responsible remuneration across the whole organisation?
  • Are you trying to understand the value delivered through your reward programmes? 
  • Do you want to improve your engagement with your shareholders on the topic of remuneration?
  • Are your remuneration structures driving the right behaviours and outcomes?
  • Do you have the right data to understand the impact of your reward and benefit spend and are you getting ‘bang for your buck’?


How we can help you


We help you compare reward structures across peers and comparable organisations, qualifying and quantifying the competitiveness of your reward structures. We also assist in evaluating the alignment between your reward structures and your business strategy, culture and values to ensure that you’re appropriately attracting, motivating and retaining employees.

Specific services include: Executive director and non-executive director benchmarking, review of short-term incentives and existing share plans, equal pay and gender equality statistical analysis, wage gap analysis, calculation of Gini-coefficient and Palma ratios.



We help you to develop holistic remuneration structures across all employees groups, taking into consideration the different needs and drivers. We help you to develop incentive structures that are aligned to your business needs, tailoring them as appropriate to your different employee groups to ensure that they are delivering value. We keep you updated with the latest developments and trends, both locally and globally, and help you to understand the potential implications on your remuneration structures

Specific services include incentive design and financial  modelling, performance condition setting, drafting/review of remuneration policies, market practice research and recommendation papers, trends updates.



We use our in-depth knowledge of local and global regulations and corporate governance guidance to ensure that you are compliant. We help you to draft the necessary legal documentation to operate your incentive plans including plan rules, award letters, malus and clawback policies, and minimum shareholding guidelines. Where necessary we can provide tax and legal opinions to support your proposed design and operation.

Specific services include drafting/review of incentive plan rules and award letters, legal and regulatory compliance opinions, tax opinions and cross-border incentive plans.



We provide independent and objective expert advice to Remuneration Committees to assist them in executing their governance requirements. We assist in the drafting and review of employee communication across multiple media channels to help you deliver an improved understanding and increase the effectiveness of remuneration structures. We help with the drafting of stakeholder engagement documents and in particular the annual remuneration report, including both the qualitative and quantitative aspects.  

Specific services include remuneration committee attendances and presentations, employee communication, stakeholder engagement, remuneration reporting including single figure table disclosure.




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Leila Ebrahimi

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Andréas Horak

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