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At PwC we have invested substantially to develop a disciplined, standardised methodology to drive audit quality and objectivity. All of our professionals are trained in the same methodology, ensuring the consistently high standards you expect of our firm.

To privately-owned companies we offer the services of trusted business advisors - dedicated staff that are trained and experienced in working with owner-managed and/or family-controlled organisations. Your trusted business advisor approaches your audit from a different perspective since the audit of a privately-owned company is usually conducted in a less complex environment than that of a corporate organisation. Through your trusted business advisor we offer you a “one stop” solution and access to all our services including tax planning, legal advice and a myriad of business advisory services.

We also offer industry expertise and sound working knowledge, best practice and benchmarking opportunities within specific industries. Our high-quality, risk-based audit approach will provide the basis for a meaningful advisory role. Our approach also relies on the support of information system specialists from our Performance Improvement service offering.


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How we can add value

Adding value through our audit service

In performing your audit, we will strive to go beyond a financial statement opinion to help you identify and manage your risks – control, compliance and operational – as well as generate value-added ideas and solutions. Your relationship with your trusted business advisor ensures that we add value to you at all times.

We will:

  • Focus on understanding your strategic business plans and operational processes in addition to the financial statements
  • Perform a thorough risk assessment to develop the audit plan
  • Develop an audit that builds on a growing understanding of your internal controls, policies and procedures, recognising the importance of internal controls
  • Include industry and subject matter experts in the audit process as part of your service team
  • Assess your financial statement compliance, and
  • Emphasise continuous and open communication with management.

Our approach will:

  • Be controlled centrally by your trusted business advisor to ensure an effective process
  • Evolve with your business, responding quickly to changes in risk profile and organisational structure
  • Challenge your people, including those outside of the finance function, reinforcing their responsibility for the integrity of the financial information on which you depend to run the business
  • Provide assurance, confirming that effective management and governance are in place and that key systems and controls are operating effectively, and
  • Be forward-looking, providing feedback that is relevant to the way you run the business.
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