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Technology innovation has seen unprecedented growth as adoption rates increase and technology becomes more affordable and available. With this comes an exponential growth in data volumes and access to new data sources. As much as we are experiencing a time of unprecedented technology change, there is a major need for our people, and ways of working, to change with this. You need your people to be able to react more quickly with greater intelligence than ever before to make the right decisions and to take advantage of opportunities.

We have seen data analytics and visualisation tools become more available, but skills to effectively use these are in short supply. Organisations continue using limited information to make key decisions, despite large investments being made to their systems environment — there is so much more value that can be obtained from the data within these systems and other data sources. 


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How we can add value

At PwC, we can help you accelerate your data and analytics journey to:

  • Improve the skills of your teams in using and understanding data and analytics
  • Assess the quality of the data used to support your decision making, risk assessments and reporting
  • Build and incorporate data analytics, visualisations (dashboards) and tools into your organisation

This is a journey for your organisation and your people, but it is possible to make technology work for you. With inspiration, creativity and human interaction you will be able make the difference using data and analytics. We see this as follows:


  • Engage and inspire all participants
  • Increase data literacy
  • Applied data driven decision-making and problem solving
  • Change in mindset

Practice and apply

  • Challenge and increase analytical skills
  • Innovate and ideate on own business problems
  • Apply new skills to own business problems


  • Develop prototype solutions to business problems
  • Applied analytical skills engage other employees
  • Citizen-led solutions transform the organization
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Our services include:

  • Data Analytics Academy and upskilling
  • Data migration assessments for system migrations and implementations
  • Data Analytics-as-a-Service – bespoke data assessments and dashboarding
  • With our knowledge of complex and simple ERP data structures and our globally developed accelerators and methodologies, we can accelerate the design of analytics for your organisation
  • Building risk and control assessments using data and analytics
  • Assessment of your data and analytics maturity


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