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Governance, risk and compliance


In the past, governance may have been understood as meeting the legal and regulatory demands placed on organisations by regulators and legislators. Today governance involves taking proactive steps to:

  • Determine what customers and their stakeholders want, over and above the minimum standards laid down by legislators and regulators
  • Improve the quality of an organisation’s management and decision-making abilities, and
  • Develop standards of governance that enable an organisation to manage risks confidently as they arise.

Taking this broad approach, governance can be defined as the process and structure used to direct and manage the business of an organisation with the goals of ensuring its financial viability and enhancing shareholder value. Equally important, it encompasses the impact of key strategic decisions on all stakeholders, from investors and employees to customers, suppliers and the public.

Our services include:

  • Assessment of your current Corporate Governance strategy and any gaps
  • Drafting a board and/or council charter and various other documents
  • Facilitating the relevant training of the board, as well as implementation of the required process.

Using our governance framework, we can assist with the assessment of an organisation’s Corporate Governance strategy and the identification of gaps. We can also assist with the design and implementation of a practical and operational model as well as a system of continuously monitoring effectiveness and compliance.

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Gert Allen

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