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The world is different than it was two years ago and so is the environment in which organisations operate. Change is fast and disruptive. Governance should no longer be seen as a means to an end to meeting the legal and regulatory demands placed on organisations by regulators and legislators. 

Organisations need to quickly adapt their governance arrangements towards a proactive and integrated approach to governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) to increase their agility to take advantage of opportunities for growth and to manage risk and compliance requirements through a seamless and integrated governance process.


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How we can add value

At PwC, we can assist you to take proactive steps to:

  • Determine what customers and their stakeholders want, over and above the minimum standards laid down by legislators and regulators
  • Improve the quality of an organisation’s management and risk-based decision-making abilities
  • Develop standards of governance that enable an organisation to respond to risks confidently as they arise

Taking this broad approach, governance can be defined as the process and structure used to direct and manage the business of an organisation with the goals of ensuring its financial viability and enhancing shareholder value. Equally important, it encompasses the impact of key strategic decisions on all stakeholders, from investors and employees to customers, suppliers and the public.


Two men discussing PwC's Governance, risk and compliance services

Our services include:

  • Assessment of your current Corporate Governance strategy and any gaps
  • Drafting a Board Charter and various other governance documents
  • Facilitating the relevant GRC training to the Board
  • Drafting fit for purpose GRC frameworks and processes
  • Risk and compliance maturity assessments and enhancement strategies
  • Assessing your GRC readiness for potential future listing on an exchange


In this turbulent business environment, organisations find the need to revise and adapt their GRC strategies and operating models at a rapid pace. We can assist you to design and implement a solution that is practical, agile and meets your unique needs.

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