IT governance and risk


Information technology is becoming increasingly important to enterprise success as companies are relying more and more on technology to obtain a competitive advantage and increase productivity, often prompting large-scale investments, substantial changes to operations and huge risks. With this in mind, private companies should lay the foundation for effective IT value creation, oversight and risk management by ensuring that the basics are addressed.


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How we can add value

At PwC, we can assist you to take proactive steps to:

  • Lay the foundation for a solid future
  • Ensure that IT is aligned with business requirements and strategy
  • Maximise the value from IT investments
  • Mitigate IT risks to minimise the impact on the business
  • Create effective oversight of IT


  • Comply with legislation and industry standards
  • Supplement internal skills
  • Improve the maturity of the IT governance processes
  • Ensure that the governance system is lean and agile



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Our services include:

  • Audit committee awareness and reporting
  • IT charter and governance structures
  • Development of the IT governance system and key controls
  • Development of the IT policy landscape
  • Development of an IT governance maturity improvement road map 
  • Independent review of IT risks and risk treatment 


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