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We live in a competitive, technologically-advanced world. Today no business can afford not to make use of the opportunities that technology and new systems present.

The most common reasons why organisations decide to change to a new system include the following:

  • The systems are inefficient or cannot cope with the transaction volumes, geographic locations, company structure, etc.
  • There are specific gaps with functionality, data quality and integrity, reporting and management information, as well as integration with other systems
  • The risk due to dependence on specific suppliers or developers has reached an unacceptable level
  • The system will not meet future demands and will therefore not be able to support the required competitive position.

Selecting and implementing a new system can often be a daunting task, as it requires a significant financial and time investment. In addition the ERP software market encapsulates a large variety of solutions and choosing the best fit solution requires a structured approach to the selection process.

The implementation of a new system presents a significant investment to an organisation and it is therefore essential that a structured approach is followed to ensure that the system selected meets the business’ requirements. We follow a structured system selection approach that is aligned with global best practice.

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