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The shortage of key skills is one of the biggest threats to business growth, followed by the risk of an economic slowdown and over-regulation. The challenge of business and government to integrate learning and working for competitive advantage and sustainability is a key requirement of any organisation. Our learning solutions (training) offer a powerful model that compels learners to grow and develop; whilst ensuring achievement of personal and professional learning goals. Most importantly, trained personnel can have a long-term positive effect on an organisation’s financial and business health, stability and success.

Our offering is the solution that seeks to enhance the skills of people on an individual as well as on an organisational level, with the aim of ultimately improving the overall effectiveness of the organisation, thus ensuring continuous and sustainable learning in that organisation.


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How we can add value

Through our training delivery we will partner with education providers (universities or private education providers) in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of specific learning interventions related to:

  • Management development (including supervisory development)
  • Leadership development
  • Customer service
  • Change management as a programme
  • General soft skills (including Diversity and Personal Mastery)
  • Finance for non-finance managers, and
  • Strategic human resources.

The introduction of a corporate university (academy/institute/learning centre) model can significantly enhance the learning function and ensure return on investment (ROI) of all learning programmes.


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