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In today’s business world, it is the companies that effectively harness technology and use it to their advantage that will reap the benefits. We make use of the advanced NXTmove technology platform to assist clients to future-proof their companies, effectively identifying opportunities and planning for a variety of business eventualities.

What is NXTmove?

NXTmove is an online business assessing tool used successfully for clients of various sizes and profiles. It offers access to real-time, systematised, objective intelligence with unparalleled capability.

Based on future business principles and an artificial intelligence framework, NXTmove will empower you to:

  • Assess your business within one day
  • Adopt stronger thinking towards future business
  • Engage in extreme learning
  • Create project roadmaps to take your business to the NXT level
  • Interact with the intelligence in real-time, and
  • Compare your business against global best practice.

What makes NXTmove different?

A process that could take up to six months can be done in four to six hours, significantly reducing the upfront investment time to get to know an organisation. Then the time of highly-skilled consultants can be used to change and develop the business, instead of only assessing its functions and organisational design.


We were amazed with the accuracy of the software and the fact that the analysis of the entire business was completed in a matter of hours. We would recommend that every business affords time to undergo this analysis.

System technology company

The NXTmove session was valuable in challenging our way of thinking and providing us with ideas.

Large family-owned business

I was impressed with the system’s intelligence and the way the questions were handled. Personally, I found the handling of the questions, as well as the discussions more valuable than the report itself, as it poses various options that can be evaluated. The day provided a basis for certain aspects that management will certainly discuss again.

Diversified organisation in the agricultural sector
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