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Protecting your reputation

Business leaders rely on information and intelligence for almost all critical decision making, whether it's evaluating suppliers, identifying new markets, reshaping strategy, making acquisitions, hiring key personnel, pursuing new business or using forensic intelligence to respond to crises.

Trust and reputation in corporate relationships are vital.

We can give you the information you need to make sound, well-informed commercial decisions that protect your brand and reputation, and enhance your strategy.


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Issues you may be facing

Organisations are increasingly looking harder for growth opportunities in global markets. But with a world of opportunity also comes a level of uncertainty. Regulators are applying higher levels of scrutiny, and other stakeholders are demanding more integrity.

Our teams bring together a wide range of expertise, including former intelligence and police analysts, law enforcement specialists, lawyers and political risk experts, to help you keep track of the global risks to your business integrity and reputation. 

We can help you assess and manage the global risks to your business integrity, reputation and brand through:

  • Interrogating a wide range of public information and data sources, including corporate information, litigation, and sanctions data - who is behind the organisations you are doing business with, and what is their reputation?
  • Our extensive team of “people who know” through our PwC global team and in-country industry specialists – how are the organisations with whom you do business perceived, and what are their credentials?
  • Our expertise in harnessing technology to scan and analyse multilingual Internet, media and social media sources – what is the market chatter?
  • We help clients design, implement and test third-party risk and compliance programmes.
  • MyDiscloure provides a secure platform that stores information to facilitate the electronic capturing of employee disclosures in an organisation. Upon submission, the information is processed and compared against multiple publicly available datasets to identify red flags.

By partnering with us, business leaders benefit from access to a global network of resources as well as global industry-leading intelligence that will help you sharpen your competitive edge.


How we can add value

Who are you doing business with?

How robust and efficient is your third-party risk management programme? Are they working with subcontractors without your knowledge? How would you know? What issues does this bring?

In an increasingly regulated environment, you need to be proactive in protecting your brand and reputation. We research people and companies, producing profiles and running background checks to help you manage your business integrity and reputational risk. Working on stand-alone projects or high-volume global third-party reviews, we aid in verifying the information you hold and finding information that you do not.

We also examine general reputation issues affecting our clients, such as social, ethical and environmental matters.

Our web-based electronic disclosure system, MyDisclosure, facilitates the disclosure of business and/or financial interests by individual and entity stakeholders. This product will allow for confidential decision making with full disclosure of potential conflicts of interest. 

Do you need evidence to support your case in disputes and negotiations?

The impact of doing business with the wrong person or company can be huge. Our research is often used to support civil and criminal investigations. Our team analyses suspicious transactions, from assessing their validity to profiling suspected fraudsters and their network of associates and accomplices. We look at how they work and at their connected parties and locations: the who, what, where and when, often using specialist research technology.

When you require the facts to build your case in disputes and negotiations, we provide the investigation support to deliver the evidence.

Are you compliant?

We can assist you in complying with the FCPA and UK Bribery Act and in investigating potential breaches of the anti-bribery legislation. We also assist clients by providing anti-bribery and corruption training.

Do you know the entity you are acquiring, merging with or investing in?

We perform confidential enquiries into targets. Our team of specialists can assist with anti-bribery and corruption due diligence, and use public sources to review the management’s reputation and integrity of the entities and individuals involved. We can also provide you with an overview of the geographical or sectoral market impact and potential for growth.

How well do you know your current and potential employees?

Employees have access to sensitive information (often via unsecure means) and are connected and widely affiliated with other companies and prominent people. This makes employees attractive targets for attackers who often have diverse motives, ranging from business disruption to theft of corporate data.

We assist corporations understand who they are employing, ensuring potential employees’ credentials are verified before contracts are offered.

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