Fraud risk consulting

Our proactive fraud risk consulting services are designed for organisations that wish to prevent, detect and appropriately respond to fraud. We can help such organisations strengthen their defence lines and manage their economic crime risks as well as ethics risks.

Our solutions include bench-marking fraud prevention strategies, advising on ethics management, developing and reviewing fraud and ethics codes and policies, conducting fraud risk and, ethics risk assessments, and providing fraud and ethics training.

We are able to provide training solutions that best suit our clients' needs, whether they are classroom style, virtual, online or tailor made e-learnings.

Data analytics plays an important role in fraud prevention and detection. Our Forensic Investigation Technology Services team uses methodologies that incorporate world-class data analytics tools for their fraud detection reviews and responses.

We also provide elections management services to various industries. This includes the election of trustees for medical schemes. Our elections solutions provide added security and independent oversight that can stand the test of any regulatory scrutiny.


Issues you may be facing

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  • You need fraud prevention interventions.
  • You need to assess your fraud risk exposures before they manifest. 
  • You don’t know your ethics risks and opportunities.
  • You need to strengthen your fraud detection controls.
  • You need training on fraud prevention and ethics awareness.
  • You need independence and added security for your election procedure.


How we can help you

PwC can support organisations in taking a proactive stance to shape and manage their fraud risks. We offer ethics interventions that are aimed at helping clients set the tone for ethical business conduct, and we provide elections management solutions to organisations in various industries. Our solutions are:

Fraud Risk Management

Our solutions range from conducting gap analyses of organisations’ anti-fraud governance policies and developing and reviewing fraud prevention policies, to conducting fraud risk assessments and education and awareness training, as listed below:

  • Fraud risk assessments.
  • Fraud prevention plans/strategies.
  • Fraud detection plans.
  • Fraud response plans.

Gap analyses/Assessments of fraud controls, and Fraud and corruption awareness training. The role of data analytics plays an important role.


Ethics Advisory Services

Placing the spotlight on achieving an ethical corporate culture will help employees and stakeholders of organisations to align their personal values with organisational values.

Our ethics interventions framework is based on leading best practice, including the King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, 2016, and the Companies Act, 2008.

In addition to responding to the demands placed on them by the usual business challenges, those charged with governance as well as all levels of employee within organisations, have also had to confront ever-evolving ethical dilemmas.

We offer ethics interventions aimed at assisting clients to set the tone for ethical business conduct through:

  • Ethics risk assessments.

The development and benchmarking of ethics policies and guiding documents, including:

  • Code of conduct/ethics.
  • Declaration of interest.
  • Supplier code of conduct.
  • Whistleblowing policy.
  • Gifts, entertainment/business courtesy, and
  • Ethics awareness training.


Elections Management Services

We are election experts and can provide organisations with tailor made solutions to meet all requirements from an internal policies and regulatory requirements perspective.

We assist our clients with the management of and oversight over the following:

  • Nomination of candidates
  • Vetting of candidates
  • Appointment of proxy holders for voting purposes
  • Online or manual voting
  • Hybrid voting, a combination of online and manual voting
  • Counting of votes, and
  • Post-voting activities, including reporting on the outcome of elections.

Online elections are conducted through our online PwC voting platform.

Our AGM and SGM support includes:

  • Setting up AGM/SGM logistical arrangements;
  • Virtual annual general meeting solutions
  • Registration and validation of members on the day of the AGM/SGM, and
  • Resolution vote counting.


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