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Tax planning at an early stage can add significant value to every transaction. Such planning is essential to reduce both actual transaction costs and the long-term sustainable tax rate following the transaction.

Whether your organisation is involved in a public or private initiative, a management buy-out/in, or purchasing or disposing of an asset, our commercially focused team of advisers is able to assist you through the process.

Our mergers and acquisitions specialists within Tax walk you through the entire deal-making continuum, from strategy through to post-deal integration, consistently delivering innovative solutions that help add real value to the transaction.

  • Your organisation is looking to dispose of or acquire an asset or company
  • You require tax due diligence to be performed on a deal
  • You require tax planning to ensure tax-efficient debt servicing and repayment
  • You need to integrate the tax planning with accounting and regulatory requirements
  • You need to optimise the tax position of the management team’s investment
  • You need to model tax planning scenarios for a deal
  • You want to float on the Stock Exchange
  • You are involved in a public-to-private initiative

Our mergers and acquisition Tax services span the entire deal spectrum and involve tax experts in all areas of tax.

  • Corporate tax structuring and reorganisations;
  • Evaluate impact on shareholders;
  • Transaction financing;
  • Capital/transfer tax planning;
  • Analysis of stock exchange location, rules and restrictions;
  • Determination of verification of capital structure; and
  • Management participation; and programmes.
  • Tax due diligence;
  • Tax section of prospectus;
  • Guidance and support to the sponsoring banks; and
  • Execution of relevant transaction steps and related reorganisations.
  • Post-deal integration;
  • Tax optimisation of day-to-day operations;
  • Tax optimisation of future takeover structures;
  • Additional structural adjustments; and
  • Management participation programmes.

Our overriding objective is to maximise the return on your deal through:

  • Proven methodology for project implementation;
  • Our extensive experience on a broad range of projects;
  • Understanding of your business drivers and strategic priorities; and
  • Access to a global network generating innovative ideas and practical knowledge.

The value provided by PwCs’ Mergers and Acquisitions division within our Tax service line is much more than just a methodology or a number of well-structured and consistently applied tools. We provide solutions and a business model throughout all stages of the process.

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