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Taxation in South Africa has become a complex minefield, to the extent that even a basic level of tax knowledge is hard to maintain. Many taxpayers are not even sure what they should know themselves, and what should be the domain of tax professionals. PwC is pleased to announce the launch of its new service, tax technical training for taxpayers.

The service will endeavour to empower taxpayers with a working knowledge of taxation in South Africa, giving you, as stakeholders such as managers, accountants and financial directors, an increased awareness of the tax risks affecting your business and/or personal finances. This in turn will lead to a more focused working relationship with your tax advisers and the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Often tax advisers are not aware of every aspect of their clients' businesses and they respond only to specific client questions. On the other hand, taxpayers do not always understand the complexities of the tax system, so they are often unaware which areas they should inform tax advisers of.

Our Head of Tax Technical Training, Professor Osman Mollagee, who has put together this program, is also the Curriculum Co-ordinator for Taxation at the University of the Western Cape and is therefore in a strong position to know what you should know!

The PwC Tax Technical Training will be presented in two formats:

  • Bespoke or tailored training, where specific training is developed and delivered as requested by you. PwC obtains a detailed understanding of your business, industry, operations and tax capabilities and delivers training to your delegated staff.
  • General training - half-day seminars on pre-determined topics on specified dates.

Training will initially be presented at PwC's offices in Cape Town (Century City) and Johannesburg (Sunninghill).



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