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Africa Entertainment & Media Outlook 2019–2023

Getting personal: Putting the me in entertainment & media

An in-depth analysis of the trends shaping the entertainment and media industry in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania.


What are the highlights in the new Outlook? This year, we’re looking at the industry through the lens of the consumer. We focus on the rise of increasingly personal and personalised media interactions, as today’s consumers – eager, highly selective and voracious – seize the opportunity to enjoy media experiences tailored to their own preferences,contexts and schedules.

In a word, the theme is personalisation. Consumers are using an expanding array of connected devices to organise, curate and discover their own unique worlds of media. Inresponse, companies are designing their offerings to revolve around personal preferences, using data and usage patterns to pitch their products not at audiences of billions, but separately at billions of individuals.


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Product features

The data and intuitive online functionality allows you to easily browse, compare and contrast spending, and create charts and graphs. At a click of a button, you can view year-on-year growth for every data line, filter by consumer and/or advertising spend and compare digital and non-digital spend data across segments and countries. Plus, the product includes additional analysis and commentary on spend data at a country level, which can be downloaded in pdf or Excel. Plus, the Outlook now offers dashboards for faster analysis and visualisations including heat maps, GDP and E&M growth comparisons amongst the 5 Countries covered.


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Understanding where consumers and advertisers are spending their time and money in the entertainment and media industry can help inform many important business decisions.

PwC’s Entertainment & Media Outlook for Africa provides a single comparable source of consumer and advertiser spending data and analysis across five territories – South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. Regardless of how you influence business decisions, the African perspective can help you understand industry trends so you can capitalise on new opportunities.

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Countries covered

The starting point for these insights is our data and projections on 14 defined segments across five territories – South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania. Our industry experts have overlaid this raw research data with their own experiences and observations to tease out the overarching themes — thus creating actionable intelligence for companies across the global entertainment & media (E&M) sector.



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