The issues driving the technology industry today are many and varied.
E-business and the Internet, changing customer expectations, shifting business models and dramatically altered financial recognition processes are just a few of the major issues.

PricewaterhouseCoopers has a number of products and services to help companies adapt to this new business environment, including:

  • e-Tax Transformation – to help companies determine specific tax issues relating to e-business operations;
  • e-Safe service – which assists companies in protecting and defending their digital assets; and
  • Real option valuation – which provides companies with an accurate valuation of their e-business assets.

We are the leading provider of assurance services, technical expertise and objective risk management and transaction advice in the e-business economy.

Managing fast growth – Several young technology firms are growing at breathtaking double- and triple-digit rates, but uncontrolled growth can bring about disaster, particularly when a company's infrastructure cannot support its sudden growth.

Due to the rapid changes in the technology industry, existing companies must also continuously restructure, or face being left behind in the market. This introduces similar challenges that young technology firms face.

PricewaterhouseCoopers offers E-Business Assurance, Operational Resilience, IT and Systems Risk, Business Continuity Planning, Strategic Risk, and Financial Management risk services, as well as a number of other services to assist companies manage their fast growth.

Worker shortage – Attracting and retaining knowledge workers is a challenge all companies face. The surge in new technologies and ever-increasing internal IT organisations are competing with traditional technology companies for the same talent.

PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global Human Resources Services can help companies beat the competition with Stock Option Valuation and Guidance, Benefits and Compensation Consulting and Executive Team Coaching.

Keeping pace with ever-changing markets – Moore's Law, Internet Time, 24/7… today's technology companies face a two-year generation cycle and ever-increasing pressure to do it all faster and faster. In this environment, joint ventures and strategic alliances become vital strategies for survival, and internal growth vs. external buying becomes a life or death decision. From Change Management to Channel and Supply Chain Management, PwC can help companies make smart decisions that will keep them competitive.

Globalisation – It's a small world and getting smaller every day. While e-business and the Internet are erasing the traditional cost and time barriers, doing business on a global scale brings its own unique set of challenges. PricewaterhouseCoopers can help, offering Market Entry and Expansion Strategies, Expatriate Services, Transfer Pricing and Customs and Duties Services, just to name a few.

Financial market expectations – Shareholder value, earnings per share, revenue recognition – these are constant drivers for all public companies or companies planning an IPO. Coupled with many technology companies having little or no revenue, selecting the right accounting option, managing intellectual assets and risk, and careful tax planning become key factors in successfully meeting the market's expectations. Our Tax and Corporate Finance experts stay on top of all the latest tax code and accounting changes to ensure that our clients are putting their best foot forward for their shareholders.

Converging technology – As traditional boundaries between entertainment, communications, media and technology continue to disappear, ably assisted by the Internet, corporate mergers are on the rise. The AOL-Time Warner partnership is just the beginning. In a world where strategic alliances, joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions are the norm, services such as Business Model Planning, Intellectual Asset Management, and Valuation are vital to helping a company make smart decisions for continued growth.