Telecom companies are experiencing what analysts & industry insiders would term the perfect storm: sluggish economy, heavy debt & eroding franchises.

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The PwCs' Global Information Communication practice provides a complete range of professional services to companies and individuals in communications industries across the globe, tailored to specific local requirements. Our specialists serve as tax advisers, consultants, financial advisers and auditors to wireless and wireline service providers, competitive access providers, Internet service providers, global satellite consortia and telecom equipment suppliers.

Drawing on our accumulated experience, we have anticipated and met the challenges of global regulatory change, and have helped our clients deal with the impact of industry convergence and e-business. We continue to add measurable value to our client relationships through our leadership and innovation, which are evident in our evolving services and products. Our dedicated industry experts, extensive alliance partnerships, proven methodologies and centres of excellence are geared towards understanding today's critical business issues and addressing emerging challenges to leverage tomorrow's vast opportunities.


Experience in telecommunications

We are recognised around the world for our leadership, innovation and service. PwC is the world's most experienced telecoms auditor. Our dedicated InfoComm Practice brings to our clients a depth of resources, range of expertise and scope of proven solutions.

Our telecoms clients account for approximately 40% of revenues in the industry worldwide. While size and market share do not solely define leadership, these factors reflect the success we have had in serving our clients of all sizes in the telecommunications industry. We audit more major telecoms companies than any other firm worldwide.


As a firm globally, we act as:
  • Auditors to 30% of the Fortune Global 500 telecommunication   companies;
  • Auditors to 40% of the Top 30 European telecommunication companies;   and
  • Auditors (either alone or jointly) to eight of the top 24 Fortune Global   500 telecommunication companies.

These clients represent over 40% of the revenues of the Fortune Global 500 telecommunication companies.

We do the following:
  • Conduct in-depth research on evolving InfoComm industry issues;
  • Conduct joint seminars between our firm and our InfoComm clients on business, information systems, and management issues;
  • Develop InfoComm industry training programmes and information platforms to ensure a consistently high level of understanding of key industry technical issues, trends and events;
  • Perform annual benchmarking studies;
  • Continue to expand our experience in the InfoComm industry by focusing on:
  • Analysis and planning of new services and technologies;
  • Integration of 'wired' and 'wireless' voice and data communications; and
  • Development of telecommunications business strategies to address the fast-changing consumer market.


Each year we invest a significant amount of time and effort into thought leadership within the InfoComm sector.

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