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We're proud to support the LGBTQ+ community

At PwC we strive to nurture a diverse and inclusive culture that makes it easy for people to feel free and express their ideas openly. We do this through a number of People Networks – Shine is one of them. 

The name “Shine”  reflects our vision of creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace atmosphere for our LGBTQ colleagues. With Shine, our people shine the light on the important issues that impact our diverse and under-represented community.

Every day, we bring our authentic selves to PwC and work hard to continue building trust in society, to make our workplace and our culture stronger, and to create brighter opportunities that let each and every one of us truly shine. Shine. A simple, powerful idea.

In 2017, Shine’s sponsoring partner, who is also PwC’s Chief Digital Officer for Africa, Liesbeth Botha, was included in the OUTstanding Leading LGBT+ Executives List presented by the Financial Times, in recognition of her contribution and efforts to champion lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality in the workplace.

She is the first woman in PwC globally and the first partner in Africa to be included in the list, and was ranked #67 in the OUTstanding leading LGBT list, which recognises key industry role models who champion awareness of LGBT and diversity within their organisations.


In 2019 the South African Workplace Equality Index awarded PwC a gold medal in recognition of our progressive policies that explicitly prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, the firm’s language that is gender neutral and policies which protect the rights of LGBTQ people. 

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Liesbeth Botha

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Anastacia Tshesane

Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion leader Southern Africa, PwC South Africa

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