Non-Executive Directors

In this edition, we continue to discuss necessity to align a company’s purpose and sustainable capital with its executive remuneration. We consider why, globally, institutional investment policies have placed environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues firmly on their agendas. As the debate on the level of executive remuneration continues, it still remains at the top of the regulatory and legislative agenda. We look at the most recent global developments to establish some key trends for Africa and for the first time, we examine listed companies in seven other African countries and look at the level of non-executive fees paid in these countries.

We look at:

  • Environmental and social investing
  • Shaping the board of the future
  • Diversity in the boardroom
  • Regulatory update
  • Profile of a non-executive director
  • Meetings
  • JSE non-executive directors' total fees
  • Remuneration by sector
  • Non-executive directors' practices
  • Company secretaries
  • State-owned companies
  • Remuneration in other African countries

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