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Discover the untapped power of your people data with our expertise, capabilities and latest technologies and algorithms.

See ahead.
You need to keep pace with today’s dynamics. But you also need to plan for the future. PwC deploys surveying, a breadth of analytical tools and predictive modeling that reveal real-time workforce insights to help learn from yesterday and to see ahead. 

Move now.
Your people data doesn’t belong in a spreadsheet. It belongs at the heart of every smarter, quicker action you take. From benchmarking and predictive analytics to workforce planning and skills assessments - bring your people data into focus - contextualise it into clear action so you can move now.


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Issues you may be facing

  • How can I leverage data to understand my current and future workforce requirements?
  • I need to understand the effectiveness of my workplace.
  • How do I optimise my workforce?
  • How do I create a single version of the truth?
  • How can I hire smarter, anticipate employee turnover, increase engagement or pay fairly, delivering automated insights to business regarding their teams?
  • How can I have data at the heart of every smarter, quicker action I take?


How we can help you

Integrated data analytics and reporting

We help you define, collect and aggregate people and business data from disparate sources so you can make fact-based decisions. We visualise the critical data and key performance metrics to help you use analytics to answer important business questions and improve overall talent management. 

Our methods for workforce data collection include surveys, interviews, focus groups, real-time digital technologies, gamification and other engagement techniques.

Specific services include:

  • integrated talent dashboards and reporting;
  • employee engagement surveys; leadership assessments; skills audit assessments; and
  • basic analysis across the employee lifecycle (e.g. retention analytics, productivity analysis, absenteeism analytics, quality of hire analytics).


Advanced analytics and benchmarking

We use leading technologies in conjunction with employee data to take the guesswork out of important decisions. Using statistical analyses, we assess the risks and opportunities around finance, motivation, engagement, conduct, organisational culture, behaviours and outcomes. We help you use analytics to achieve your strategic talent and business objectives.

We help to deliver greater visibility by reporting through a range of online, cloud-based, mobile, print and real-time means to give you reporting that links critical data and insightful analytics to business outcomes. 

Access the world’s largest and most robust database of people and functional performance metrics, enabling you to benchmark your organisation with over 2,600 organisations  globally

Specific services include: 

  • total rewards optimisation and equal pay for work of equal value;
  • pay progression modelling;
  • attrition risk/ flight risk modelling to identify drivers; and
  • Saratoga benchmarking against peers across a range of key metrics.


Predictive analytics and AI

We combine analytics with sophisticated modelling techniques to help you future-proof your

talent strategy. Our approach enhances your ability to anticipate people issues that may affect your business so you can generate meaningful action plans. We help you develop a proactive data-driven approach to help make sure you have the right people with the right competencies and skills in place, when and where you want them, to achieve your  business strategies.

Specific services include:

  • strategic workforce planning to predict future state of workforce;
  • skills gap analysis and optimisation; 
  • solutions to identify your future workforce requirements and upskill your workforce; and
  • succession planning to develop succession pipeline.

Workforce health risk

Using analytics, statistical modelling and machine learning we provide a detailed data-driven evaluation of your workforce’s sick leave absenteeism to identify trends, hotspots and key drivers of workforce health risks that can be evaluated down to a team level, allowing you to measure the significance of various demographic and workforce factors and their impact on your workforce's wellbeing.

Our dashboard provides a range of metrics related to workforce health that will help you:

  • Gain insight
  • Take action
  • Optimise the allocation of organisational resources on wellbeing initiatives

Data driven insight for a healthier organisation.

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