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POPIA and other privacy laws have created a large demand for privacy professionals throughout South Africa; however, there are currently not enough skilled privacy professionals to meet this demand. This leaves organisations at increased risk of non-compliance with the law.

PwC Privacy Support aims to address the risk related to this skills shortage by providing organisations with the operational support they need to meet their POPIA compliance requirements.


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Issues you may be facing

  • You are unable to perform all of the operations required by a privacy programme or compliance framework on time or to an appropriate level of quality
  • Understaffed privacy functions, with privacy duties in many cases being assigned to staff with other priorities
  • High turnover of privacy staff
  • Privacy staff without the requisite level of subject matter expertise or experience
  • Important privacy risks are not being picked up in privacy impact assessments 
  • You have a privacy team or resource in place but still get significant findings during privacy audits or reviews
  • Your privacy programme is found wanting when you complete questionnaires or assessments by your clients or customers


How we can add value

Working under the instruction of your company’s information officer*, PwC can provide skilled privacy resources to help improve the design of your privacy programme and execute the operations required to make it effective.

We are able to assist both in the short term, as a stop-gap measure until you find your own resources, or as a long-term measure that shields you from staff turnover, poor hires and other HR-related risks.

* PwC does not act as an information officer and only provides support to your Information Officer

Privacy impact assessments

We support you by helping you assess:

  • the potential impact to privacy in new systems, products, service offerings or business processes
  • the potential impact to privacy of changes to existing systems or business restructuring (including acquisitions and disposals).


Information officer support

We assist you by providing a dedicated, experienced individual to assist your business’s information officer with tactical and strategic privacy advice.

Privacy training

We support you by providing general and role-based training to your information officer and staff. The training can be customised to your particular needs.

Contract assessments

We assist you by helping you assess contracts to identify privacy risks.

Breach detection

We support you by regularly surveilling the dark web and other internet sites for personal information that may have been leaked from your organisation. This includes surveilling your own web presence for personal information that may have been accidentally exposed.

Third party risk assessments and remediation

We help you perform due diligence checks on third parties that process or have access to the personal information in your organisation.

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