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Monitoring risk and compliance in a rapidly changing world

In a changing world where transparency has become key to accountability, the risk of conflicts of interest within an organisation can be detrimental. Whilst disclosures are important, the active management of disclosures become key to keeping your people honest and your organisation beyond reproach. With existing paper-based systems that are used for the disclosure of business interests of employees and board members within the public and private sectors, the risk exposure to business is tremendous. 

At PwC, we have adapted to the new environment we find ourselves in and have embraced new methods to address this important business imperative. Through our secure, automated, web-based MyDisclosureTM suite of solutions, we help our clients embrace the era of automation. Through active integration of publically available data and the benefits of our Global intelligence solutions, we bring the power of collaboration to bear in the area of disclosure management and vetting. Our solution provides accessibility, ease-of-use, as well as additional built-in functionality, scalable data interrogation and cross-referencing capability that will serve to enhance the quality of data obtained and allow our clients a holistic view of what has been disclosed and that which has not been.


We use complex data analytics to identify potential conflicts of interest/red flags and has detailed reporting and search capabilities.

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MyDisclosure is a web-based electronic platform that facilitates the disclosure of business and/or financial interests held by individuals and entities.

Some features of MyDisclosure are:
  • Dynamic search capability - Declaration information on the system is accessible immediately through a search facility.
  • Real-time functionality - The system facilitates immediate progress management and reporting.
  • Gifts registry - Transparency is promoted by allowing users to disclose gifts received or given. Gift disclosure automatically generates notifications to key management personnel.
  • Multiple-device functionality - It works with any internet-compatible device.
  • On-going availability - The system is available 24 hours a day.
    Secure login - A unique username and password for each user ensures auditability and accountability.
  • Prompt functionality - It notifies participants in the process electronically of any incomplete disclosures and alerts administrators to any potential red flags.
  • Online records management - Evidence of disclosures and/or the deletion of disclosures, supplier documentation or case-related information can be downloaded as and when required.
  • New employees and suppliers - Disclosures are immediately available to new employees. Suppliers can be captured live into the system at any point. Vetting of relationships happen.


MySupplier facilitates the capturing, vetting, categorisation and rating of suppliers and supplier performance. 

Some features of MySupplier are:
  • Provides a web-based electronic supplier management system.
  • Manages supplier compliance.
  • Facilitates capturing and vetting of supplier information.
  • Categorises and rates suppliers against projects, collecting performance information to aid in decision-making.
  • Generates alerts for any potential conflict of interest between employees and suppliers.
  • Sends tenders to active, compliant suppliers within a specific category.
  • Provides a document repository for the storage of all supplier-related information and contracts.
  • Can restrict suppliers or flag suppliers that have a potential conflict of interest.
  • Reports on supplier performance, project progress and compliance, and provides an overall rating across multiple projects with detailed rating per project.
  • Reports on expiring supplier documentation.
  • Detects common Information between suppliers (e.g. telephone numbers, directors and banking information).


MyCaseFile gives users the ability to create and manage internal and external forensic cases. 

Some features of MyCaseFile are:
  • Assigns cases to specific project managers, and further re-assigns activities to project team members.
  • Uploads documentation by relating activities to cases.
  • Manages team progress and deadlines by assigning due dates for activities and monitoring time of activity completion.
  • Allocates references to cases where a supplier or employee is implicated, assisting with later potential conflicts of interest when looking to procure to a supplier.
  • Can be customised to automate the whistle blower process by directly assigning incoming whistle blower allegations to the relevant department and official.
  • Reports on open cases versus closed cases, cases per department, cases assigned to administrators and top highest-value cases.
  • Reports on suppliers and employees implicated in cases.
  • Red-flags overdue cases with a summary of days overdue.

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