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Future shape of financial services in Africa

This 2015 edition of our annual Africa financial services journal examines what the future of financial services might look like for Africa. We look at significant strategic, technical and operational issues and the roles these might play in changing the market landscape.

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The banking and capital markets industry continuously transforms as regulation increase, technology advances, demographics change and the general financial climate fluctuates. Protecting and enhancing an organisation’s reputation is a top priority. We believe we can offer enhancement solutions to these and other changes and potential challenges.

We have the largest specialist financial services practice in South Africa. Our strategy is to bring significant business advantage to our clients through our multidisciplinary teams of auditors, advisors and tax professionals, integrated across industry sectors, geographies and functional skills.

PwC aims to assist you in turning the banking and capital market industry’s key risks and challenges into opportunities as well as supporting you in maximising your strengths through our services which span across a number of areas.

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PwC can offer our Banking and Capital Market clients governance, risk and compliance, regulatory, market reporting, IT governance (Technology), taxation, strategy and people related services.